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Utility Powers is a group of powers in Infamous and Infamous 2.


  • Precision: Precision is a power that, when used, zooms and slows down time, allowing Cole to fire a precision Bolt.
    Precision Vermaak


  • Arc Restraint: Arc Restraint is a power used to bind a single enemy to the ground with two pairs of Electromagnetism bonds.
  • Bio Leech: Bio Leech is used to drain the energy from a single victim and transfer it to Cole.
  • Pulse Heal: Pulse Heal is a power used to heal injured allies to Cole, as well as civilians.
  • Electric Drain: Used to drain electric energy. It heals Cole and refills his Battery Cores.
    Drain telephone

    Electric Drain

  • Dodge: Cole can dodge attacks from enemies by rolling or backflipping out of the way. It is done by pressing the CircleButton button while moving in both aiming and free look modes.
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