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Utility Powers is a group of powers in inFamous and inFamous 2.


  • Precision: Precision is a power that, when used, zooms and slows down time, allowing Cole to fire a precision Bolt.
    Precision Vermaak


  • Arc Restraint: Arc Restraint is a power used to bind a single enemy to the ground with two pairs of Electromagnetism bonds.
  • Bio Leech: Bio Leech is used to drain the energy from a single victim and transfer it to Cole.
  • Pulse Heal: Pulse Heal is a power used to heal injured allies to Cole, as well as civilians.
  • Electric Drain: Used to drain electric energy. It heals Cole and refills his Battery Cores.
    Drain telephone

    Electric Drain

  • Dodge: Cole can dodge attacks from enemies by rolling or backflipping out of the way. It is done by pressing the Playstation O button while moving in both aiming and free look modes.