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Vehicles are a type of transportation used by civilians in Infamous and Infamous 2. Some vehicles may also be used as explosives.


Cars are one of the most frequent things encountered in the games, next to enemies and civilians. Most line the streets around Empire City and can be helpful for taking down enemies.

Stunts and Trophies

  • The Road Kill Trophy can be unlocked by taking down twenty-five enemies while riding on a moving vehicle.
  • Enviro Takedown (Stunt) can be unlocked by killing an enemy with an object in the environment. Cars are probably the most useful for this stunt, seeing as how there are so many of them, and they are easy to blow up.
  • Crush (Stunt) can be unlocked by killing an enemy by crushing it with an item (i.e. a car) using Shockwave.

Types of Vehicles


Main article: Cars

Cars are one of the lightest vehicles, and thus can be lifted up by Cole's powers, to then be thrown away onto enemies. They are the most frequently seen vehicles in both Empire City and New Marais.


Main article: Helicopter

Helicopters are aerial vehicles usually only seen in battle, but there are a few exceptions; for example, right after the Blast, a rescue helicopter can be seen flying above the wreckage.


Main article: Train

Trains can be found only on traintracks, but provide the fastest transportation of all vehicles. They can not be destroyed by Cole and damage him significally when hit.

Armored Bus

Main article: Armored Bus

Armored buses are usually used by Dust Men to terrorize the citizens of Empire City. They cannot be destroyed, only disabled and overcharged.

Tar Trucks

Main article: Tar Trucks

These trucks were used by the Reapers and filled with Black Tar. They were used to poison Empire City's water system in order to make more Reapers.

Turret Trucks

Main article: Turret Trucks

Turret trucks only appear in blacked out areas in all districts of Empire City.

Unmanned aerial vehicles

Main article: Unmanned aerial vehicle

UAVs are technology used by the First Sons to keep track of Cole and the Ray Sphere. They are rather easy to take down and hardly ever carry weapons.


  • In Infamous 2 all of the small boats (such as the one that took you into New Marais) are named "Rosa Lee", due to the same model being used for all the boats.
  • In Infamous all of the city buses (irrespective of the area) follow Line 26 and the number written on top of the bus is 21300.


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