Vent Dash

User/s: Delsin Rowe
Hank Daughtry
Location obtained: Seattle
Attributed to: Smoke
Upgradeable: Vent Healing
Vent Launch
Appears in: inFAMOUS: Second Son

Vent Dash is an upgrade for the smoke power.  


Vent Dash is another environment interaction move for Smoke.  If Delsin dashes into a vertically-placed vent on a side of a building.  Delsin can quickly reappear at the top of the building from the adjacent vent.  If Delsin dashes over a horizontally-placed vent, he will perform a dash upward, similar to Car Boost.  In areas such as the D.U.P. Tower, if he dashes through the first vent, and then comes toward another vent on the side of the same building, he can dash through that as well.  


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