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Ville Cochon

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City: New Marais
Architecture: Postmodern
Status: Active (Good Karma)
Destroyed (Evil Karma)
Based on: French Quarter
Appears in: inFamous 2

Ville Cochon is considered the red-light district of New Marais, and is also where most of the city's upper and middle-class citizens live. As one of America's major ports, the district was often visited by sailors and traders that come in the city, due to its overabundance in adult entertainment.

Points of interest[]

Bertrand Square[]

Desperate Times1

Cole and Nix pour oil over the banners in Bertrand Square.

Bertrand Square is a location that is devoted to Joseph Bertrand III and his Militia, with a large stage and cages in which "deviants" could be displayed. Surrounding the area were large banners, displaying the Militia's motif.

After meeting Nix for the first time during his search for Lucy Kuo, Cole helps Nix destroy the banners as well as the Militia troops guarding the area, in exchange for the Blast Core she has. After Cole and Nix burn the banners in Desperate Times, they are replaced and cannot be destroyed again.

Bertrand Square is the place where the default UGC assassination template happens.

Lamburton Clock Tower[]


Lamburton Clock Tower

Lamburton Clock Tower was a famous landmark within the district. The first carrier pigeon Cole locates is flying around the top of the tower. The clock tower is one of the buildings you must climb in order to get the Mountaineer trophy. The clocks on the top of the tower are lit orange during Pyre Night in Infamous: Festival of Blood.

Red Light District[]

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Sin Tower

Sin Tower

Sin Tower, a.k.a the Yes We CanCan Cabaret, is a notable landmark known for showcasing adult entertainment to sailors and immigrants who visit Ville Cochon. It was one of the landmarks in Ville Cochon Cole MacGrath had to photograph during the "Trick Photography" side mission. It has a large noticeable sign featuring bright lights colored in gold and purple, along with bright yellow stars around it. The sign also appears to be shaped into a hat.

The landmark is listed as "Sin Tower" when doing one of Zeke's missions that involved taking pictures of several landmarks around the city. However, in the game's official website, the landmark is listed as "Yes We CanCan Cabaret". This location is heavily decorated for Pyre Night in Festival of Blood.

Hush Theater
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Plex Theater
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Smut Triangle[]

Smut Triangle was a location found within Ville Cochon that contained most of the entertainment, such as casinos and movie theaters, and bars are located. Zeke Dunbar's first roof base in New Marais overlooks the park at the heart of Smut Triangle.

Several Easter Eggs are present at the triangle, most notably are the parodied titles of several video games listed as upcoming movies. Examples are "Assassin's Need (Love Too)" (a play on the Assassin's Creed title) and "Little Big Unit" (which is a play on the Little Big Planet title).

In Festival of Blood, there are more Easter Eggs involving parodied titles of more video games. Examples include "Red Dead Vampires" (a play on the Red Dead Redemption title) and "Unstaked 3: Vampire's Deception" (a play on the game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, which is another PS3 exclusive). One of the bar's in this area is named "The Bloody Mary".

St. Ignatius[]


St. Ignatius.

St. Ignatius is a large cathedral located in New Marais, named after Father Ignatius and is a prolific landmark in the city. It lies at the heart of the Ville Cochon district of New Marais. The cathedral is surrounded by gardens on three sides and is elevated above street level. Around the cathedral are many areas for people to meet and there is a shrine under one of the stairwells that is in constant use by citizens looking for guidance during the cities strife. Right outside the front of the cathedral is Bertrand propaganda and a stage in which he appears on during the mission Bertrand Takes the Stage.

In the Good/Canon ending of Infamous 2, Cole is declared as 'The Patron Saint of New Marais' and Bertrand's propaganda poster is replaced by a poster of Cole.

It is a notable landmark for many of Cole's missions in the city, including The Final Decision (both the good and evil version). The bell tower of St. Ignatius is one of the three buildings Cole must climb to achieve the "Mountaineer" trophy. The Bertrand propaganda and stage outside the front of St. Ignatius are replaced with wooden platforms holding candles on Pyre Night in Festival of Blood.