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Walk the Dogs was a series of good side missions in Infamous. Cole was ordered by the police to escort a group of enemies to a prison.

Objective[edit | edit source]

Neon District[edit | edit source]

Warden Harms contacted Cole, asking that he escort some Reapers to a local police station for interrogation. When Cole approached the captives, he marched the prisoners through the streets of the Neon, quickly putting them in their place when they would attempt to revolt or escape. He eventually delivered them to the police station near Archer Square.

Warren District[edit | edit source]

A local police officer met Cole and requested that he transport four Dust Men across the district for interrogation. Cole once again began escorting the prisoners but was ambushed along the way by other Dust Men, eager to rescue their colleagues. Cole swiftly dealt with this obstruction before delivering the captives to Eagle Point Penitentiary.

Later, another police officer approached Cole, asking for help escorting four Dust Men to the same prison. Once again, Cole was ambushed and was forced to fight off many waves of attackers whilst preventing his prisoners from escaping. Finally, he was able to deliver the prisoners for interrogation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cole can zap the prisoners, causing them to jog, instead of walking, for a while.
  • In one of the missions with the Reapers, it states on the screen that the first objective is to go to the "unarmed Reapers", however, at least one of the Reapers has two AK-47's on its back.
  • Harms states that he wants Cole to escort the Reapers to the police station so that his men can interrogate them, but normal Reapers are never heard speaking.
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