"Walking Wounded" is a side mission in Infamous in which Cole must escort some poisoned citizens.

Objective[edit | edit source]

Dammit! All right, get them away from there. I’ve got some men who’ll meet you.
― Warden Harms

Cole meets the poison victims.

Warden Harms phones Cole and tells him that some civilians have been poisoned and that their only chance of survival is if he gets them to the medical station. Cole meets with the fifteen citizens and begins leading them through the back alleys of the Historic District, keeping them safe and occasionally healing those suffering the affects of the poison. When Cole arrives at the medical station, he finds that all the medics have been killed and two First Sons Grenade Bots are waiting for him. After

The murdered medics.

quickly dealing with the bots, Cole phones Warden Harms and informs him of what happened to the medics. Harms advises Cole to meet up with some of his men, who are currently protecting some other medics. Once again, Cole leads the poisoned victims through the alleyways until they are accosted by a First Sons Aura Conduit. After the conduit is defeated, Cole escorts the citizens around the final corner and leaves them in the care of the medics.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Take care not to walk through puddles or oil spills, as Cole can accidentally kill those following him if he does.
  • When Cole fights the First Sons conduit, the citizens will run in front of him, so take care not to hit them.

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InFamous Historic District - Walking Wounded


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