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Weapons are used in a wide variety throughout the InFamous series, mainly used by enemy or friendly factions.

Assault Rifle[]

The Assault Rifle is one of the more common weapons in the inFamous series. Their damage is fair, and commonly fired in bursts. They are very accurate and the rifle also comes in different variants for each enemy faction.

Sniper Rifle[]

The Sniper Rifle is a deadly weapon, with decent accuracy and very long range. You'll know when one is on you by the red laser line that comes out of the sniper.

Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launchers (RPGs)[]

The Rocket Launcher fires a rocket, exploding on impact. They cause huge amounts of damage, and enemies who uses them are commonly heavily equipped. The Polarity Wall or the Frost Shield won't protect you from the rockets, but they are easy to avoid. The rockets can be sent back with theShockwave\Blast.


Grenades are very common among factions. They can deal high amounts of damage, but can be sent back with a Shockwave\Blast. In most cases when a grenade gets close to Cole, a small grenade icon and arrow appears on screen showing the grenade's path allowing Cole the chance to either move away or send it back using the Shockwave\Blast power before it hits the ground.


The Mini-gun is a deadly fully-automatic weapon. It can send fast bullets with a high fire rate. Its accuracy isn't that great, but it can still be a very deadly weapon.


The Shotgun is a powerful weapon, with great strength and damage. The Polarity Wall or the Frost Shield won't stop these projectiles either, making it deadly. Fortunately, the shotgun has poor accuracy and very limited range.

The Amp[]

Main article: The Amp

A weapon designed by Zeke for Cole to focus his powers through for use as a melee weapon.