Zeke's Request is the 16th story mission in Infamous.


Once Cole reaches the Warren District, Zeke will call and ask if Cole can go find Dwight. When Cole asks why, Zeke replies that he "digs" his sister. After making his way to the location on the map, Cole finds Dwight dead on the pier next to Chummy Chicken. Disappointed, Zeke asks Cole to find Dwight's killer, hoping that if he does, he'll still have a shot with his sister. Cole replies by saying "There is something seriously wrong with you, Zeke."

Using Psychic Vision, Cole is able to see the attack on Dwight and the residual energy of the attacker. Following the killer's echo through the streets of the Warren, Cole is stopped by a civilian who wants to print posters of Cole.

Karmic moment


The posters.

The poster guy asks Cole which one he likes better, the one that depicts Cole as a hero, or the one that shows him as a tyrant. Whichever poster Cole chooses, the designer will confirm that he'll get some printed and hung throughout the city. This unlocks the Good or Bad Exposure trophy.

Continuing his search for Dwight's killer, Cole is ambushed by scrap crabs and Dust Men. Fighting his way through them, Cole quickly finds the killer's echo again before facing another wave of Dust Men troops. After crossing the canal, another wave of enemies are waiting for Cole, but he deals with them, swiftly allowing him to finally track down the killer, a Dust Man conduit, who is able to spawn scrap crabs. Cole, whilst avoiding the scrap crabs, is able to defeat the Dust Man and calls Zeke to let him know that Dwight's killer has been dealt with.


  • Zeke reveals that he had a cousin who was killed by a dog. At the funeral, the casket was open, and everyone could see how badly deformed the body was, which led to most of the attendees either passing out or vomiting. Zeke then says he still hasn't gotten over it.
  • Pressing L3 resets the killer's residual energy if you lose track of him.

Video walkthrough

InFAMOUS - Zeke's Request (17)

InFAMOUS - Zeke's Request (17)

InFAMOUS Walkthrough (Evil Karma) Part 16 - Zeke's Request

InFAMOUS Walkthrough (Evil Karma) Part 16 - Zeke's Request

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