Zeke's Request

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Zeke's Request was the sixteenth story mission in Infamous. Zeke asked Cole to locate someone by the name of Dwight.


Dwight's dead, Zeke. Someone really messed him up.Cole, upon seeing Dwight's body

Zeke phoned Cole to ask if he remembered a guy named Dwight, whose sister was wondering if he could find him, as he mysteriously went missing after being around the Chummy Chicken. Cole reminded Zeke of how Dwight stole his car and stripped it down for parts. Despite that, Zeke assured Cole that he would be doing him a real favor by locating Dwight, believing that his sister would "reward" him.

Zeke's Request cutscene 2.png
Cole investigating the cause of Dwight's murder
Cole went to search for Dwight. Once he found him dead on the ground, he suspected that someone severely murdered him. Upon hearing this, Zeke suggested that Cole track down his killer, believing he would still have a shot with his sister. Cole used his Psychic Vision to see how Dwight's murder happened. Cole's vision depicted Dwight being killed by what appeared to be small, yellow crab-like creatures. Cole was then able to see the echo of the killer, but it was hard to make out, claiming it to look like a man carrying a dog. This made Zeke assume that this was how he was killed, as he had a cousin, named Smitty, who was killed the same way.

As Cole ventured through the Warren chasing the echo, he met a male civilian who was amazed to see Cole in the flesh and commended him on his heroic efforts around the city. He was making posters (a good one and an evil one) to spread the word about Cole and asked which one he preferred. After making his choice, the male excitedly said he would print some more out and begin hanging them all up around the city.

Zeke's Request cutscene 5.png
Dwight's killer revealed.
Cole continued chasing after the echo of Dwight's killer. He followed it through a few alleyways, where he fought several Dust Men and had his first encounter with some yellow crab-like creatures called scrap crabs. After a while of chasing the echo, Cole soon found that the killer was a big Dust Man Conduit, who was spawning the small scrap crabs.[note 1] After taking him down, he called Zeke and made it clear that this was a one-time deal, and that he was not doing it to help him score, to which Zeke understood.


This mission involves a similar task to the earlier story mission "Blood Trail." As you approach the mission beacon, Cole will spot Dwight's body, and after seeing what happens in his vision, you will be able to see the green echo of Dwight's killer, which appears to be of a large, bloated figure. Follow it around the corner and let it lead you to the street ahead. Follow along the sidewalk until it comes to a halt. Within seconds, you will see green echoes of small crab-like creatures.

Zeke's Request cutscene 3.png
Cole's encounter with the poster man.
As you follow the echo across the street, Cole will approach a man hanging up posters of him. This presents another karmic moment in which you get to decide which poster of Cole you want hung up around the city. You have a choice of either the loved poster (good karma) or the feared poster (evil karma).
Zeke's Request cutscene 4.png
Cole being ambushed by scrap crabs.
As you continue following the echo down the street, you will be led into an alleyway. Upon venturing further, you will be attacked by the small that you saw as echoes earlier; they are known as scrap crabs (or swarmers). These enemies are easy to kill with any of Cole's powers, but they move fast and can attack other civilians. Also, many of the alley exits will be lit up in flames that block your escape. Fend off any swarmers and any Dust Men you encounter as you find a way out of the alley, all the while, still keeping track of the target echo. You will encounter a turret that will slaughter Cole, therefore you should stay around the corner. You should try to climb to a higher vantage point, from where you can snipe the gunner or drop down behind him for an attack.

Continue following the echo until it leads into another ambush that involves two Dust Men bombers, more scrap crabs, and an RPG Dust Man. Either dodge his rocket or use Cole's Shockwave to redirect it back towards him. As you continue following the echo, you will be led towards an alley from which two more Dust Men bombers appear. You should act fast here, as these guys tend to catch the player off-guard. Follow the echo into the alley, where more scrap crabs attack. The echo will lead you back to the street. Continue until you are faced with the real enemy: a Dust Man Conduit. This guy will spawn several scrap crabs to attack you and possibly other civilians within the area. Because of his size and armor, this Conduit can withstand a lot of damage, plus he wields an RPG. The mission ends after you defeat him.


Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 16 - Zeke's Request
Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 16 - Zeke's Request


  1. This is technically the mission that introduces the Dust Man Conduit and scrap crabs. However, these enemies can be encountered before this mission if one plays the "Street Fight" side mission.
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