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Zeke's Roof is a location in inFamous 2.

Zeke's First Roof

Cole on Zeke's first roof in New Marais

In New Marais, Zeke acquired a new rooftop similar to the rooftop he had in Empire City, complete with a rug, a couch decorated with christmas lights, a small television, a shelf with tool boxes, a picture of a chubby looking woman with unknown name, a tent and a neon sign that says "SEXY". Zeke has also made a second habitat in the Gas Works while Cole is involved there. The roof is first seen in Storm's Coming

Zeke's Gas Works Roof

Cole Kuo and Nix all on Zeke's last roof in New Marais.

Later, After powering up the Gas Works, Zeke has another roof. This one has a fence with different signs on it. A couch, TV, and beer cooler are there to complete what is always on Zeke's roofs. It is used in many of the last missions including the last story mission.


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