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Zeke's Hideouts are places where Zeke Dunbar and Cole MacGrath live during the InFamous series, the most notable of which being mentioned below.

Zeke's Rooftops

The rooftops that Zeke and Cole acquired as temporal home's throughout the series are generally set up in a similar manner, although all were unique in their own ways.

Empire City Rooftop

Zeke's roof

Zeke's roof.

Zeke's Roof is a is a rooftop located on the northern shore of the Neon District of Empire City and acts as Cole's home base for most of InFamous. It is conveniently positioned next to the train tracks, surrounded with barbed wire and filled with the debris of Zeke's bachelor lifestyle - Chinese food cartons, pizza boxes, and posters of movies and anti-Big-Oil propaganda. In the comic InFamous: Post Blast, it is revealed that the plethora of mannequins is not down to Zeke's strange decorating sense, but they are instead a ploy to make it seem like the roof is crowded and acting as a safe-house for many people instead of just Trish, Cole, and Zeke. Presumably this is to deter attacks from other desperate citizens as the quarantine wears on.

First New Marais Rooftop

Zeke 's first roof

Cole on Zeke's first roof in New Marais

In New Marais, Zeke acquired a new rooftop similar to the rooftop he had in Empire City, complete with a rug, a couch decorated with Christmas lights, a small television, a shelf with tool boxes, a picture of a chubby looking woman with unknown name, a tent and a neon sign that says "SEXY". Zeke has also made a second habitat in the Gas Works while Cole is involved there. The roof is first seen in the mission Storm's Coming.

Flood Town Rooftop

Zeke would "commandeer" a roof in Flood Town briefly, helping Laroche using the Dunbar Beam. After getting the Blast Core, this roof would be used as a secondary base by the rebels. Zeke would also get his Boxcar after this.


Cole Kuo and Nix all on Zeke's last roof in New Marais.

Second New Marais Rooftop

Later, After powering up the Gas Works, Zeke has another roof. This one has a fence with different signs on it. A couch, TV, and beer cooler are there to complete what is always o

a full view of Zeke's final Roof

n Zeke's roofs. It is used in many of the last missions including the last story mission.

Other Locations

Places of note that Zeke, Cole and their allies would set up temporal bases at throughout the game that were not their normal rooftops.

Zeke's Boxcar Train-Car

This hideout was used on only two occasions when Cole made a plan to expose Bertrand and when Cole absorbed a blast core, after Cole left the boxcar, it was never seen again. It was located on the abandoned train tracks at the entrance to Flood Town.


  • The interactive refrigerator on the Empire City roof opens when you zap it, but there are many different sounds involved. When Cole punches it, the door latch opens, the hinges squeak, the air compressor starts, and then the rattling of inner grates as the door reaches its fully open position.
  • After Trish's death and Zeke's betrayal in InFamous, Cole instead sleeps next to Trish's grave.
  • The chinese drinks on the card table on the Empire City roof have the "Panda King"'s face on them. Panda King is a character from Sly Cooper, another game series by Sucker Punch, the developer of this game.
  • In InFamous 2: Festival of Blood, Zeke's first roof in New Marais is cleaned off, leaving only a cooler, the rest of the items on the roof have disappeared, this was most likely an oversight


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