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The way I see it, there's basically two types of people. Most of them are guys like me. Guys who sit on the couch; we might not like the shit that happens to us, but we deal with it. Then there are guys like you.
― Zeke, to Cole.

Zeke Jedediah Dunbar is Cole MacGrath's best friend, and also his most trustworthy companion both before and after The Blast in Empire City. He helps Cole in various ways using his knowledge in electrical engineering, providing some back up with his pistol, and most importantly, providing spiritual support for Cole as his only friend after the Empire City Quarantine, for better or for worse.


Early life

Hey man. You went college prep, I took shop classes. So uh, who's the dummy now?
― Zeke, regarding his and Cole's past.

Zeke was known to be Cole's best friend, having spent a lot of time together. Zeke traveled to New Marais with Cole 4 years prior to the Empire City blast, even joining his friend as he practiced parkour and climbing. He was also known to have gotten into some trouble with the police along with Cole, which was one of the main reasons why he hates cops. He also took shop classes and worked with machines and devices during Cole's time in college prep, learning about machines and their various components. He is also experienced with firearms, as he is able to wield a gun with little trouble. Zeke is also a conspiracy buff and his mother refers to him by his middle name "Jedediah" [1]

Empire City

Day of the Blast

When Empire City was rocked by the Ray Sphere Blast, Zeke hurriedly made his way to the Fremont Bridge shocked by the devastation evident in the Historic District as he knew his best friend had been there before the blast. Zeke managed to contact Cole and after learning that he was alive, he advised him of the evacuation area near the bridge, adding that he would meet him there. As he made his way there, Cole caused a massive surge of energy, causing consecutive bolts from the sky to rain down. Cole hurriedly made his way to the other side of the bridge, where Zeke and Cole's girlfriend Trish Dailey were waiting, before passing out. Zeke then helps transport Cole to a hospital.[2]


Zeke and Trish help Cole back to health.

Cole exhibited powers a short while after he was brought to the hospital, which alarmed Trish and Zeke, however Cole passed out after the surge, which made the two think that Cole was dead. Zeke sat at Cole's bedside over the next few days, keeping a constant vigil over his best friend. When Cole finally awoke, Zeke tells him of his powers. After learning of this, Cole takes Zeke out to test out his new powers. Trying it out in a nearby dumpster, Cole has come to believe his new found powers, as Zeke thinks of an idea on how to utilize Cole's new abilities. Though Zeke thought that his plan was successful, it backfired, when the lady was more skeptic than ecstatic about Cole's powers.[2]

Post Blast

Call me crazy, but I think things are about to get a whole lot worse.
― Zeke, on what he thinks about the near future of Empire City.[src]


Zeke, Cole, and Trish look at the horizon of Empire City.

Zeke and Cole were trying to start a business at the park by recharging car batteries for civilians for a price. When their first customer saw the process, which was Cole blasting away at the battery pack, the customer ran away, telling them to back off. As Zeke tried to go after the customer with Cole restraining him, a riot breaks out, which caused them to retreat back to Zeke's roof. As they looked down on the chaos, Zeke thought of a plan to avoid any trouble in his rooftop, assembling several mannequins and attaching barbed wires all over the edges. Zeke and the others officially establish this as their headquarters.[2]

Retrieving supplies

Time passed by when Cole decides to practice his powers by charging the batteries for Zeke's television set. There, they heard a broadcast from the Voice of Survival that food supplies have been dropped at Archer Square. The two make their way there, after Zeke picks up his gun. At the park, Zeke instructs Cole to make his way up top and cut down the food supply, after an improper drop off. After the Reapers were dealt with, Zeke and several other civilians attend to the food (good), or Cole attacks the pedestrians and Zeke calls a friend to pick up the food (bad). Cole met up with Trish as the Voice of Survival hacks the broadcast again and shows footage of Cole with the bomb at the Historic District.


Cole and Zeke attempt to escape the city.

The video caused Cole to stand out, with civilians, including Zeke, giving him weird looks. Before they attract a riot, Cole and Zeke agree to meet up at the Stampton Bridge in order to break out of the quarantine and out of Empire City.[2]

Escaping the Quarantine

Getting out was easy, but uh...getting back to shore. Well, let's just say I'm no Michael Phelps.
― Zeke, right after meeting with Cole below Stampton Bridge.[src]


Zeke, breaking out before he got shot.

After Zeke made the call to meet him by Stampton Bridge, Cole made his way there, where the two plan to break the quarantine. Zeke showed up as promised, and after he and Cole dealt with the riot cops guarding the gate, managed to get inside the checkpoints.[2]

They fought through the checkpoints along with several citizens, though they were overwhelmed the moment they arrived at the near final checkpoint, which was protected by a wall of shielded turrets. Zeke managed to break out through a nearby cage door, though he fell to the harbor. Cole abruptly followed, though got sidetracked along the way. Zeke swam back to shore and met up with Cole below the bridge. Cole then told him that they should go back to the rooftop, for they had something to discuss.[2]

Dark times

Working Solo

After Cole explained what he learned from Moya, Zeke has began spouting and thinking of several theories regarding the true nature of the subject and situation. As Cole left to do errands for her, Zeke would continuously contact Cole regarding several happenings, such as the situation with Trish, Cole's reputation and mental status, and also making a profit out of his powers. He'd also mention several suggestions on how they'll handle the Ray Sphere instead of handing it over, and also personally tells Cole about his findings regarding Moya and her department, telling Cole to watch out. Cole would just usually brush off the thought.[2]

He would occasionally ask Cole for favors as he went about his errands, some of which involve getting an edge over girls. Though most of the time his plan backfired, having some of the girls leave him for someone else. He would then make his own attempts in knowing more about Moya and her organization more, even so far as trying to contact them, though his calls were cut off and unanswered. He'd also go around the city, trying to find something to do in order to help them, but was still unsuccessful.[2]

The Police

Don't know if Zeke's gonna forgive himself for this....Don't know if he should.
― Cole, regarding Zeke's mistake.[src]

Zeke would then make his own attempt at helping thwart the Dust Men by going to the docks, where he searched for the Dust Men at the forts. Though as he did, he was subsequently captured by them, and held hostage. Using him as a threat for Cole, Zeke would be left hanging on a crane within a cage, and was threatened to be killed if Cole doesn't make it there in time. After being rescued, he'd go into an argument with Cole regarding Zeke's safety, though he saw it more as a lack of use, that he was only good for a laugh and a drink. Cole mentions that matters aren't as simple as before, which is why he must be cautious, though Zeke dismisses it and says that Cole having powers makes him no better than anyone. Zeke then leaves the area.[2]


Zeke grieves over his mistake.

Zeke would later apologize to Cole, to which the latter accepts. Zeke would then tell him that he was with the police, trying to help them out, respecting their commitment to the place despite its current status. After Alden Tate was arrested, Zeke would take part in the transferring at Eagle Point Penitentiary, as he assisted Cole and the police in fending off attackers. Zeke would also construct a charged grated flooring on top of the transfer path, so Cole will have an easier time fighting. As Cole and the police fended off the attackers, Zeke was assisting the others with Alden. Afterwards, there was a power blackout, and warned Cole that Alden can wake up at any moment.[2]

After the power was restored, Cole returned to the ground and continued to fend off most of the Dust Men. As he fought, Zeke recklessly made his way outside to help, though Cole was less ecstatic, as he specifically told him to help deal with Alden. Worried, Cole made his way to the cell, and found the place empty of life, with the police dead and Alden missing. Guilty, Zeke leaves the penitentiary, as the Dust Men celebrate their victory over Zeke, Cole, and the police.[2]


Zeke would later go to the Bayview Hospital, where Trish Dailey also was. Upset over his inaction, he grieves as Cole would continue his activities. Trish would mention Zeke's status to Cole, yet he himself is not sure what to think, holding him responsible for the incident at the penitentiary. After gaining contact with John White, Cole contacted Zeke, asking him to meet up at the Transient's tower at the Warren. Though Zeke was reluctant and believed that Cole felt that he wasn't worth anything, Cole convinced him otherwise, and managed to get him to come along. Zeke was then informed on what their agenda was, and agrees to cooperate.[2]

Deal With The Devil

Kessler offers Zeke a chance for power.

As they climbed the tower, they talked about how they'll handle things once all's been done. Zeke was the one to reassure that everything will turn up alright, to which Cole hopes the best for. After climbing the tower and dealing with the transients that stood in their way, Cole and Zeke was able to make it to the top, with Alden encased in scrap metal, with the Ray Sphere held in front of his housing. Cole instructs Zeke to take the Ray Sphere out of its cradle once he's subdued Alden and all of the nearby hostiles. Once Cole dealt with the remaining transients, Zeke made his move and tried to remove the Ray Sphere, though as he did, Kessler arrives via chopper. As Kessler and Alden exchange words, Zeke was successful in removing the Ray Sphere, as Cole instructs him to run.[2]

Zeke then found himself between Alden Tate and Kessler. Zeke, petrified, just stood there, despite Cole's instructions. Zeke then realizes that the one thing he desired most, powers similar to Cole's, was within grasp, as he activated the Ray Sphere. Though as the surge of energy blew through the skyline, the energy returned to its source, as everything was left unscathed, with Zeke still normal. Kessler was the first to react, claiming that he knew what's wrong, and can help Zeke get what he wants. Zeke, looking Cole in the eye, leaves with Kessler. As Alden went berserk, Zeke and Kessler leave the tower for the Historic District via chopper, leaving Cole behind.[2]


Zeke: "Cole make a run for it! I'll take care of this gas-bag!"
Kessler: "This doesn't concern you, fatman!"
―Zeke during Cole's fight with Kessler.[src]
Old Friend

Zeke stands behind Kessler in the Historic District.

After allying himself with Kessler, Zeke would then be kept within a cell at the First Son's headquarters. Occasionally, Kessler would visit and sit by a corner of a room, intoxicated, remaining silent every time. Zeke would also contact Cole several times, trying to ask explain things to him, yet Cole only spoke to him once on two of Zeke's calls, furious towards him. Cole then threatens Zeke to get away from him before he finds him, stating that once he does, things will "get ugly". Right before the day that he would face Cole, Kessler would visit Zeke for one last time in his cell. Kessler would thank Zeke for being a good friend, and bidding him goodbye.[2]

Zeke managed to make his way out of the facility and made his way to Kessler and Cole's place of confrontation, Ground Zero. There, Zeke interrupted the fray and shot Kessler several times, subsequently telling Cole to run. Zeke was effortlessly knocked back by Kessler, and was left out of the fight. Zeke was only able to make it back after Cole managed to defeat Kessler completely. After Cole took one last look down on Kessler, he left the area without saying a word, with Zeke looking on. Zeke then left too.[2]

Path to redemption

After Kessler

Cole: "I know you're sorry, Zeke. But every time I look at you, all I see is Kessler's face, laughing at me. And it makes me want to strangle the life out of you."
Zeke: "I know."
Cole: "You're all I've got left, Zeke. But by God, I hate your guts."
—Cole and Zeke talking, after Kessler was dealt with.[src]

Zeke would then continue to assist the police force along with Cole and Warden Harms. Zeke would try to talk to Cole several times, giving him credit for his work when he disposed the remaining First Sons. Cole would continue to hold his silence, until one evening at the Eagle Point Penitentiary. Cole would ask Zeke if he thinks that shooting Kessler several times was enough to forgive him, to which Zeke mentions that he doesn't know how to react, other than his sorry. Cole would then get mad, and throw his plate at Zeke, deeming that everyone, and Kessler, was sorry.[3]


Zeke looks at Kessler's wedding day picture.

Zeke was then confused as to how Kessler fits into things. Cole then hands over the picture Kessler gave him, which was his wedding day in his timeline. Zeke would then ask how all of it was possible, to which Cole details right after. Cole would then later admit that he knew how sorry Zeke was, yet he can only see the visage of Kessler laughing at him every time he sees Zeke, to which Zeke mentions that he knew. Cole would then leave the penitentiary, as Zeke reflects on what Cole said.[3]


This section requires expansion.
Cole: "I don't understand...Why are you telling me this?"
Zeke: "Hell, I don't know, man. Maybe because at the end of the day, you just gotta remember that he was just some guy. He wasn't nothin' special."
―Zeke and Cole, regarding Kessler's impact on Cole.[src]

Zeke would then assist the Warden with fixing up some vans in order to conduct patrols around the city. Cole would then arrive and charge the van's batteries, to which Zeke thanks him for. Cole then stops, and asks Zeke if he believed his story, to which he says yes. Cole would then mention that he can't keep up with his current status, believing that Kessler destroyed his life as he may know it.[3]


Zeke and Cole talk about Kessler's actions.

Zeke would then mention his time after he left with Kessler, where he was kept, and how Kessler would visit him during several occasions. Pairing that time with Cole's story, Zeke made sense of it all. Cole then wonders why he was telling all of this to him, to which Zeke mentions that he himself doesn't know. He would then tell Cole that Kessler was no one special, that he was just the same as the rest of them, and just because he did what he did to Cole, doesn't mean he controls him. Zeke then brightens Cole's spirit, mentioning that he's his own man, and that he always will be.[3]

Zeke and Cole would then later witness Moya's militia invade Empire City. The two, and Warden Harms, would assist in clearing out the army, and was successful with Cole's help. Cole then mentions that Moya's gonna send more men. Harms then advises that they plan their attack first, to which all agreed on.[3]

New Marais

Empire Event

When we get there, we're gonna be about the "Three Bs". That's beer...boobs...and mechanical bulls.
― Zeke to Lucy Kuo, regarding their plans for New Marais.[src]

After a month, Zeke and Cole would meet the NSA Agent Lucy Kuo. Lucy tells them about how she and her associate, Sebastian Wolfe, can help them by improving Cole's powers in order to stop the Beast's coming, if they agree to come with her to New Marais. The two agree, and have prepared to leave the city via boat. Zeke talks with Cole as they await for the boat to depart. Cole mentions that it will only be a short trip, but Zeke suggests that they relax during their time there. As they continued, Kuo arrives, and mentions that Cole will be ready once he meets Wolfe. Zeke then mentions that their leisure would come first, believing it's time for them to relax before they work again.[1]


Zeke and Kuo talk on the boat, as it was still along the pier.

As Kuo was about to tell them otherwise, the three notice a disturbance from afar, and sees a vortex appear at the Archer Square area. Cole would hurriedly make his way to the area, as Zeke and Kuo stay put on the boat. After Cole subdues the Beast two times, he would be taken back into the boat and into the infirmary to treat his wounds. Zeke would keep watch as Cole's health went back to normal, and the moment it did, the two watch a broadcast of the Beast destroying Empire City.[1]

Zeke's Gift

Zeke, giving Cole the Amp.

As Cole loitered around the boat, Zeke would keep himself busy by developing a new weapon that would amplify Cole's powers, and after another day, Cole would test it out on some dummies on the boat, as they made their way closer to New Marais. After learning that New Marais was in lock down, Kuo had her men send in a smaller boat in order to secretly make their way into the city. The three would make their way to New Marais through the bayou, with Zeke steering the boat. When Cole was tasked with getting rid of the Militia soldiers posted along their way, Zeke hands him over the Amp for use against them.[1]

After Cole finished dealing with the Militia, Zeke would later drive the boat across the checkpoint, and managed to make it into the city with Kuo. They would later meet up with Cole by the city's harbor.[1]

Helping Cole


Zeke searches for Kuo's whereabouts.

Zeke: "Oh, ye of little faith."
Cole: "Well, my faith has been shaken before, Zeke."
―Zeke and Cole, after the former appeared in a Militia uniform.

Zeke would settle in the area as Cole and Kuo made their way to Wolfe's lab. After Cole absorbs his first Blast Core, Zeke would arrive at the area and defend Cole as he slept. When Cole got up, Zeke would watch him test out his new powers nearby the area. Afterwards, he would ask Cole to help those who he's in debt to. After Cole dealt with the requests, Zeke would continue to work in conjunction with Cole, calling in contacts that can assist the both of them. Zeke would also help out Cole by participating in Joseph Bertrand's speech giving at St. Ignatius. Though he was eager to leave, he stayed after seeing Cole's dedication to the mission. Afterwards, he would inform Cole of a bomber using Blast Shards to create deadly explosives.[1]


Zeke surprises Cole with his joining of the Militia, acting undercover.

After Wolfe's death and Kuo's abduction, Cole would inform Zeke regarding the situation. The moment he heard this, he immediately began searching the nearby area with his binoculars for Kuo's whereabouts. The moment Cole arrived, Zeke would inform him of what he found, and pointed him to the swamp where he suggests to look. After Cole finishes his search, and finds Nix instead of Kuo, Zeke would ask him to drop by so he can use the Blast Core, and also show him a "surprise".[1]

Cole would then be greeted by a newly decorated rooftop that resembles Zeke's in Empire City. As he looked around the roof, Zeke would then come and jokingly tells him to put his hand up. Zeke then parades his new Militia outfit, and mentions that he's joined them for their sake, acting undercover. Though Cole was still in doubt, Zeke promises that he's there to assist them, and not to stab Cole in the back again. Afterwards, Cole activates the Blast Core, and after waking up, tests his new power with Zeke talking with him through the phone.[1]

Team Player


Zeke shoots at Militia soldiers as Kuo makes her way to the truck.

Cole: "Hey man, you alright?"
Zeke: "Yeah...Fit as a fiddle."
Cole: "That's one bigass fiddle."
—Cole and Zeke, right before Cole activates the Blast Core obtained at St. Charles Cemetery.

Afterwards, he was able to find out Kuo's whereabouts, which was at an abandoned mansion, and informs Cole about it. With Nix present during the meeting on his roof, Zeke asks Cole what his plan was. When Nix suggests the plan of incinerating the structure with a train car loaded with explosives, Zeke points out the cost of civilian lives that could be in the building. Cole then asks him for alternative plans, to which he states that he could try to free several of the police officers held captive by the Militia, which will make them join him in freeing the other officers apprehended. Zeke then leaves it to Cole on how he'll handle the mission.[1]


Zeke cooperates with the team.

After breaking in the mansion, and getting Kuo out of the facility, Cole assists her on her way out, as Zeke arrives with a pick-up truck. After Kuo and Cole made her way to the truck, Zeke would drive immediately out of the area. Afterwards, Zeke would take care of Kuo while she regains her health. After Kuo regains her health, Zeke would continue to attend patrols with the Militia, and as he was skulking around the city, he was able to deduce the location of the Transfer Device being sought after by Kuo, which was at Fort Philippe. He would cooperate with Kuo in her plan to gain Rosco Laroche and the Rebels' trust by giving them the Militia's supplies, with Zeke in possession of a map that details several Militia supply stashes.[1]

After gaining the Rebels' trust, Zeke would cooperate with the attack in Fort Philippe, and assists Cole when the power went off during their attack. Afterwards, Zeke would keep watch over Cole as he was unconscious after using the Transfer Device. He would then later call Cole after restoring power to Flood Town, telling him about a cure for the plague procured by the Rebels. Cole then arrives at the area, with Zeke and Laroche making plans. Zeke then tells him that there was no cure, but he and the Rebels required help with charging several defense mechanisms in order to stop the Corrupted from attacking. Though disappointed that there was no cure, Cole agrees to help.[1]


Zeke plans with Laroche at Flood Town.

Zeke would instruct Cole to use the spotlights (which he dubbed the "Dunbar Beam") for use against the monsters. Though it was able to easily subdue the monsters, Zeke's invention was defeated by the quantity of the monsters, which made Cole retreat back to Zeke and Laroche. Zeke would then assist Cole in defending their post, though they were assisted by several of the heavy soldiers of Vermaak 88. It's from them that Zeke was able to learn that Laroche kept a Blast Core, to which he says that he was gonna tell him afterwards. Zeke then challenges the Vermaak soldiers, and was successful with Cole's help.[1]


Cole: "Whoa...Password to the clubhouse?"
Zeke: "Yeah, "Don't shoot my ass"."
Cole: "Don't shoot my ass."
Zeke: "Entrez-vous."
—Cole and Zeke, before activating the next Blast Core.[src]

Zeke would then establish a base at an abandoned train car in Flood Town, and there, he met up with Cole. Cole arrives, ready for the next Blast Core. Before using it, Kuo informs Cole and Zeke about the Ray Field Plague and the original plans for the Ray Field Inhibitor. Afterwards, Zeke would stay and watch as Cole slept from activating the Blast Core. After Cole tests out his powers, he would then be called back by Kuo and Zeke, who was discussing Bertrand and why he was there at the train yards.[1]

As he and Kuo continued to discuss, Cole allows Nix, who was being rejected every time she spoke out, to speak. Nix would then state that the Corrupted were Bertrand's and that he was controlling them, using them to create havoc. After hearing this, Zeke would scoff and chuckle at the thought, same as Kuo. As Nix was about to start a fight, Kuo then suggests to Cole that they collect evidence. After Cole leaves and tells them to prepare, Zeke goes out and resumes patrol with the Militia.[1]

Vampire Stories


Zeke, trying to impress a woman at a bar.

Some time during his occupation in New Marais, Zeke was resting at a local bar while reading a comic book. While there, he encounters a woman named Cat who orders a beer. While trying to flirt with her, Zeke puts the tab on the Cat's beer on him. In an effort to impress her, Zeke tells a fictional vampire story wherein his best friend Cole was transformed into one by Bloody Mary and had to find a way to turn back before sunrise. (See Infamous: Festival of Blood)

This section requires expansion.

Step by step

Nuclear Deterrent

Cole: "Jesus, Zeke...Is that a nuke?!"
Zeke: "Learn to love a bomb, man!"
―Cole and Zeke, regarding Wolfe's "insurance".[src]

Zeke brings over Bertrand's nuclear missile.

Zeke would then find out about the nuclear missile being kept by Bertrand in case his experiment would go extremely wrong. Zeke would then take the truck and call Cole, in order to suggest using it as a weapon against the Beast. After Cole sees the missile, he feared that a fallout might happen if they hit the Beast, but instead, Zeke further suggests to use it while the Beast was still far away from the city. Cole agrees, and takes the truck to the harbor area. After subduing all of the nuisances along the way, Zeke sets up the truck for the launch.[1]

After Cole dealt with the Vermaak 88, he set up the target, as Zeke readied to launch. After completion, Zeke launched the missile, which caused the Beast to disappear, while the whole city was knocked back due to the nuke's impact. Zeke was then pinned by a dumpster, but was helped by Cole. As they were on their way out though, a vortex appears right in between the cranes, which signals the Beast's rebirth once again. Dismayed, the two opted to leave immediately before it kills them.[1]

Zeke would hurriedly make his way to the truck after Cole gives the vortex a brief stare. Afterwards, Zeke would call Cole in order for them to get going. Though, as they went out, the impact of the Beast's resurrection was too much for the truck, as it sent the truck flying, but keeping Cole and Zeke alive. Zeke would later chase after the Beast, but disappeared in Gas Works, where Cole later found out - after having his senses upgraded by John White, a.k.a. the Beast - that Zeke has the Plague.[1]


Look, I don't call you "brother" just because I like the way it sounds.
― Zeke Dunbar, after saving his best friend from the Militia.[src]

After the Beast disappeared, Zeke would resume his regular activities, and helped Cole restore power back at Gas Works. Just as Cole was about to charge the last transformer, he was trapped by Bertrand, held back with a cage that restricted him from using his powers on them. Just as Cole was calling for help, Zeke arrives at the area and causes a ruckus, then shoots down the Militia soldiers that were shooting at Cole. Zeke would then help him get out of the cage.[1]


Zeke rescues Cole from the Militia trap.

After Cole got out of the cage, Zeke asks if he was okay. Cole would then realize how he's been treating Zeke lately, like he was just nothing, and asks him for forgiveness. Zeke would then tell him to forget about it, for what he's done to him at Empire City was far worse. Cole and Zeke would then reconcile, right before Zeke would leave the area. Zeke would later call Cole, remembering why he went looking for him. He'd tell Cole about another Blast Core being kept in a Militia warehouse, and as Cole began to search for it, Zeke would assist him via radio.[1]

Bertrand's last moments

Zeke would then participate in the attack against Bertrand. Zeke would help the Rebels set up his Dunbar Beam and prepare rockets that can repel Bertrand's monster form, while he himself would sabotage Bertrand's chopper. With this, Bertrand was left alone, which allowed Cole to meet with him. After Bertrand's transformation, Zeke would be waiting nearby with a pickup truck, and helps Cole lure Bertrand to their traps with it. As Zeke drove through the district, with Cole attacking Bertrand as he did, they were able to lure Bertrand to the first trap, with them utilizing the Dunbar Beam, and the rest of the team attacking them.[1]

After Cole leaves and lures Bertrand again, the rebels would use Zeke's rockets to help weaken Bertrand, though it was nearly ineffective. It proved to be very effective when Cole blasts the rocket with lightning, which causes Bertrand to stumble. After utilizing all of the rockets, Bertrand was lured to their last trap, which had several propane tanks littered on the road. Zeke, Cole, and the rest, would then work in conjunction in order to defeat Bertrand, which proved successful, as Bertrand finally succumbs and dies. The Rebels would then work to get rid of the monster's body, while Zeke would return to the Militia to pick up any remaining information left that he might have missed.[1]

End of the Road


Cole: "Jesus, Zeke. Why didn't you tell me?"
Zeke: "Ah, you got enough to worry about. 'Sides, when you use the RFI, I might be cured, right?"
Cole: "You don't have that much time."
Zeke: "Well then, go in there, and get that damn Core."
—Zeke and Cole, after the latter finds out that Zeke's been infected by the plague.[src]

Zeke stumbles over due to his sickness.

After Bertrand's death, Zeke was able to gather one last piece of information from the Militia before they went ballistic. A couple of Ice Conduits procured a Blast Core, which he then tells Cole about. He then instructs him to meet up at a nearby street. He would then tell Cole about the unit's leader, who possessed the Core. After looking at the scene himself, Cole prepares to head out and attack them.[1]

As Cole was looking on, Zeke would cough loudly, barely able to stand. When asked if he was fine, Zeke would reply that he was, though Cole needed to see for himself. When using his improved sense, he was able to find out that Zeke has been infected by the plague. Cole then asks why Zeke didn't tell him, to which he replies that he had enough to worry about, and that he thought that with the RFI cure underway, he would be fine. Cole then mentions that he doesn't have much time, to which Zeke says that he should go in and fetch the Core already. He would then stand by to give Cole radio support.[1]

Final piece

Cole: "End of the road."
Zeke: "Cheers, brother. Half as long--"
Cole: "--Twice as bright."
—Zeke and Cole, right before activating the last Core.

Zeke gave Cole help via his phone while he was retrieving the last Core. At the Ice tower, he would send satellite images of the heat valves taken from the internet, which Cole needed to activate in order to release the Core from the tower's frozen peak. As Cole did, Zeke informed him of the swamp inhabitants' deaths, including Nix's pets. After retrieving the Core, Zeke instructed his friend to head back to his roof to use it.[1]


Cole and Zeke share a toast before the former activates the Core.

When Cole arrived before activating the Core, Cole asks Zeke if he was ready for it. Zeke answers by explaining that there were two types of people, guys like him, and guys like Cole. Retrieving the core from his bag, Cole states it was the end of the road for them. Zeke proposed a toast with him, and watches over his friend after Cole had activated the Blast Core. After waking up, Cole deems himself to be ready for the Beast.[1]

Final decision

I'll die if you don't. So will millions of others.
― Zeke, during the team discussion with Cole, Nix, and Kuo.[src]

Zeke would then call for a meeting with the rest of the team, so they can witness Cole activating the RFI. After a distressed Nix arrives, Cole admits something to the team regarding the Beast's nature. He reveals to them that it was John White, and that what he's been doing all along was turning every living being into Conduits, which rendered them immune to the plague. Zeke and Nix objected, and told him to continue with using the RFI. Cole agreed, and prepared to activate the RFI.[1]


The team, looking at the RFI, with Kuo, displeased.

Activating it, the device caused a sort of "dying" sensation to Cole, Nix, and Kuo, making them grasp for life. Acting on instinct, Zeke takes Cole's Amp, and smashes the RFI off of his hand with it. Though Nix was against Zeke's action, he defended himself by mentioning that he didn't see any other way. Cole then discovers that the RFI was going to kill not only the Beast, but also him, Nix, Kuo, and every other Conduit. They would then ponder over which to side with; either John, Kuo and the Conduits or the RFI and the rest of humanity, with Zeke and Nix.[1]

Last stand

Cole: "Oh...this plan sucks."
Zeke: "I know. Short notice, man."
―Zeke and Cole, on their plan to defeat the Beast.[src]
Final Decision No Goodbye

Zeke and Cole bid each other goodbye.

After Cole decides to utilize the RFI, and after Zeke inspects the device and discovers certain anomalies with the device, he devises a plan with the rest of the team in order to utilize it once again. Zeke would then have a substation posted at St. Ignatius, and also had Laroche post two more around the city. He would then tell Cole and Nix to go around the substations and charge the RFI there. Cole would then comment that the plan sucked, to which Zeke affirms. The two friends would then bid their goodbyes then and there, as Cole thought there won't be time for that later. Cole and Nix then depart, with Zeke acting as their radio support.[1]

Cole and Nix would then work in conjunction with Zeke, with him giving the locations and support through radio communications. After the Beast's attack at the first substation, Zeke redirects them to the next substation located at Smut Triangle. After Nix's death, Zeke points Cole to the last substation at St. Ignatius, and after it was fully charged, asks Cole to activate it. Cole would then hold out for a bit longer, and charge at the Beast before activating it. Zeke would then witness his best friend save humanity whilst dying.[1]


I love you, brother, and I'm sure going to miss you.
― Zeke's last words to his best friend.[src]


Zeke beside his best friend's coffin, bidding goodbye one last time.

After the RFI's signal pierced through the atmosphere, humanity watched as all of the Conduits rampant suddenly die. As more of the Conduits die, those infected by the plague suddenly become cured of their symptoms, being able to stand once again. Zeke, also cured of the plague, looked for his best friend. He finds Cole's body, and carries it to New Marais, figuring he'd go down as an unsung hero.[1]

The citizens of New Marais however, knew what Cole did for humanity, and took the body to St. Ignatius, and held a funeral in his honor. He would be then known as the city's patron saint, and is forever celebrated by the civilians. After his funeral, Zeke would take Cole's coffin on a boat, in order to bid him goodbye alone. Out at sea, Zeke would then deem Cole the most human individual he's known, as he bid him goodbye while the boat drifted further, however immediately before the boat goes over the horizon, lightning strikes the boat.[1]

Combating the D.U.P

In the seven years following Cole's death, Zeke met the brother of Sebastian Wolfe, Raymond. Together they started an underground resistance against the newly-formed Department of Unified Protection who hunted down the surviving conduits. The D.U.P. also wrongfully labelled Cole a terrorist, framing him for the actions of Kessler and the Beast, to discredit his memory and further their goals. This prompted Zeke and Raymond to go undercover and investigate the D.U.P. and clear Cole's name, and hoped to learn how some conduits survived Cole's sacrifice.

Their investigation brought them to Seattle where the new conduit Delsin Rowe had been avidly fighting against the D.U.P. but Raymond was compromised and went into hiding and worked with Delsin to retrieve his research. Impressed with his Delsin's actions Zeke contacted Delsin himself and talked to him about being careful about the powers building within him, comparing it to the juices of a "Conduit sandwich.", which greatly confused Delsin. When Raymond was killed Zeke finished his work by helping Delsin retrieve his research on Cole's sacrifice. After Delsin succeeded Zeke left the coordinates for a dead drop to retrieve it later, as Zeke couldn't risk exposing himself by meeting Delsin directly, and the two parted ways. Before parting Zeke tells Delsin that Cole would be proud.

Alternate Timeline


In Kessler's timeline, it is revealed that Zeke was present during Cole's wedding day with Trish Dailey, and acted as his best man. It was never revealed what became of Zeke during Kessler's timeline, though he probably died with the rest of humanity, as the world was eventually consumed by The Beast.[2]


The following is based on non-canon content and is not considered to be part of the Infamous continuity.
Cole: "Half as long..."
Zeke: "...Twice as bright. [...] I gotta try."
Cole: "I know."
—Cole and Zeke, right before the latter's death.[src]
Zeke VS Cole

Zeke's last moments.

After Cole decides to side with John and the Conduits, Zeke would then lose faith in his best friend, and after Cole deems that his decision doesn't change anything, Zeke would leave the roof and angrily told him to "shoot first" should they ever cross paths again. Afterwards, as Cole met with John, Zeke would cut the power of the district in order to weaken his best friend. He would then cooperate with the Rebels and the Militia (who settled differences in order to work in conjunction) to overthrow the Beast, though they proved to be unsuccessful.[1]

After Nix's death at the hands of Cole on the top of St. Ignatius, Zeke makes his way onto the rooftop, and grasp the RFI as it rolled down to his feet. Pointing his gun at Cole, Zeke explains that he has to try, before pulling the trigger. After the first shot by Zeke, Cole blasted his former best friend, Zeke succumbs to the injuries, and dies with the RFI within his grasp. Cole would then lament Zeke's death greatly, and smash the RFI with rage.[1]

After Cole receives John's powers, he would later turn New Marais into rubble. What remained of Zeke was only his sunglasses, laying amongst the debris. Cole would then continue John's plan, leaving everything behind.[1]

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Skills and expertise

Other than radio support, Zeke possessed many skills that helped him contribute in his own way. He was an able marksman, an experienced mechanic, and also more.[1][2]


Zeke Doing Science

Zeke building the AMP.

Zeke, whilst at school had taken shop class, and as such was an experienced mechanic who tinkered with a lot of gadgets during his time. During his time in Empire City, he was able to piece together some batteries that enabled him to power up his multiple TV set. He was also able to set up a charged flooring mesh within Eagle Point Penitentiary's facility, which aided Cole greatly during the attack of the Dust Men. He also assisted the police force by fixing up vans that they were using for patrols around the city. One of his less-successful inventions were his "homemade batteries" that explode when used. He gave one of them to a friend in exchange for a new six shooter.[2]

Zeke's mechanical skills would be later expanded after Kessler's death. On the way to New Marais, Zeke used these skills to create a melee weapon that appeared similar to a cattle prod. After working with Cole to test it out, Zeke gives him the finished product when Cole was leaving the boat to clear out the Militia on the way into New Marais, even dubbing his invention "The Amp". Cole would later utilize it for every fight he had.[1]

Zeke also invents several devices that would help his colleagues, such as a camera that doesn't explode by Cole's touch, a modified spotlight that can disintegrate the Corrupted (dubbing it as the "Dunbar Beam"), which aided the Rebels greatly, and also miniature missiles that act as a repellent for the Corrupted (specifically used during the fight with Bertrand) though they failed to explode on impact.[1]

He was also able to assist Cole during their last stand against the Beast, being able to deduce the problems of the RFI, and able to create a solution for it. He was also a bit of an electrician, as he was able to cut and restore the power line within a powered-down district. Zeke was also an able hacker, as he was able to interfere with the Militia's broadcast and return the cable line to normal.[1]

Espionage and Reconnaissance

Cole: "You joined the Militia."
Zeke: "Nah. It's more like Zeke Dunbar: Double Agent."
―Zeke to Cole, after the former shows up in a Militia uniform.[src]
Double O-Zeke

Zeke acts as a spy within the Militia.

Zeke was a well-connected man, being able to compose a very accurate theory through information sent to him by his contacts. During Cole's time with Moya Jones, Zeke would gather information through both his contacts, and himself, and was able to deduce her previous line of work. Though when he tried to inform Cole, due to his theorist nature, Zeke's allegations were ignored.[1]

Zeke, after they arrived at New Marais, was able to find his own way of helping out by acting as a spy, though Cole was less ecstatic than him. He was later to prove himself efficient to the team as a spy, by being able to mark the location of several Militia supply caches, and also information regarding specific aspects, such as the location of the Blast Core, and Wolfe's nuclear missile. The last piece of information he was able to learn was the location of the last Blast Core, which was in the possession of the Vermaak 88.[1]


Zeke was able to utilize many firearms, though his preference was mostly handguns and magnum handguns. Zeke was able to assist both Cole and the police by providing them cover fire, able to cause most hostiles to stumble. Zeke once took up free-running when he and Cole were at New Marais though it would appear he stopped shortly after.[1]

He was also an adept barterer, being able to bargain with some of his contacts in order to get the most benefit. An example would be during his time in Empire City, where he traded some of his homemade batteries (which were defective, as Cole and Zeke knew it) for a handgun. He would also devise his own plans for profit, such as recharging car batteries for a fee (with Cole recharging them), and selling T-shirts based on Cole's reputation.[2]

Zeke was also an experienced driver, being able to drive several pickup trucks, and even one of the Militia's trucks, which he "borrowed" during his time with the Militia. He was also able to steer a boat, as evidenced while on their way to the city of New Marais.[1]

Appearance and personality


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Zeke, relaxing on his roof in Empire City.

Zeke was, at first, an individual who focused on only surviving with his friends. He tries his best to get by, usually through his own way of self-profit and benefit using various means, one of which involve utilizing his best friend, Cole MacGrath, and his super powers, later on, his reputation. He is known to be extremely paranoid about being involved with the higher authorities such as DARPA, as he was shown to be against Cole working with Moya Jones. He is also a conspiracy theorist, drawing several conclusions by piecing together information he's gathered from various sources.[2]

Zeke was also prone to jealousy, and seeing his best friend with powers would often make him feel so. With the activities of his friend growing more frequent, he starts to develop a feeling of inferiority, and would take the liberty of acting out on his own without notifying his best friend. This has, more than once, gotten him into trouble, such as being held hostage by the Dust Men, and also trying to contact Moya himself. Despite Cole's warnings, he would continue to make his own efforts in helping out, this time with the Empire City Police. Though he was able to efficiently help during the earlier time, he was later reprimanded for his failure to follow orders, which cost them the capture of Alden Tate, and the lives of several officers. Zeke would later lament his mistake.[2]

After Cole convinced Zeke to come with him in retrieving the Ray Sphere, and the latter manages to get a hold of it, Zeke succumbs to his personal desires, and activates the Ray Sphere without a second's hesitation. After spending some time with Kessler, Zeke changes allegiances once again, and helps out Cole during his fight with Kessler. After Kessler was dealt with, he'd cooperate with Cole in order to redeem himself.[2]

Zeke's attire consisted of sunglasses with a black tint and a golden frame, a black coat with a dirty yellow undershirt, and several holsters for his ammunition and the pistol he carried. For his lower attire, he wore some light gray pants, with knee pads (one of them having a star design), and some black sneakers.[2]

Infamous 2

Zeke: "Half as long--"
Cole: "--Twice as bright."
―Zeke and Cole's usual saying.[src]

Cole and Zeke, having a drink.

Zeke, learning from his mistakes, was seen as a more affectionate character towards others. Although he would still prefer to indulge in pleasure and luxury instead of work, Zeke was seen as a much more active participant in terms of helping out Cole and his associates. He'd use his contacts to learn what the city needs from Cole, and also help him gain information regarding their enemies. Yet at times, he would still show signs of remaining self-centered (suggesting Cole take care of a street performer, for example), his attitude shows improvement, as he was seen feeling concerned for the safety of several civilians in distress. This time around, Zeke would insist Cole help the distressed civilians for the sake of helping them, rather than give Cole an edge.[1]

Most of all, Zeke was very repentant towards what he's done to Cole in Empire City, and believed that it was fair for Cole to mistreat him because of the said deed. Cole continued to have a damaged faith towards Zeke, believing that every questionable move he makes has an ulterior motive. Zeke would then be able to prove his sincerity to Cole after the former rescues him from a Militia trap, killing the soldiers, and then freeing Cole. After he was set free, Cole would apologize for the way he had been treating him, though Zeke believed it was only fair. The two reconcile, and Zeke later mourned Cole's death, carrying his friend's body into the city.[1]


Zeke would carry his best friend's body into the city.

Zeke's appearance has changed considerably. He would have his hair swept backwards, and wear sunglasses with a black frame. He wore a bowling shirt that he used in Empire City, a shoulder holster for his revolver, and a white undershirt with a flaming pair of dice as its design paired with a black meshed shirt on top of it. He wore considerably lengthier shorts than normal, and sneakers. He also had several bandages all over his body, and a tattoo of a woman wearing only her underwear on his right forearm. He also has a small scar on his left cheek.[1]


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  • When asked about whether or not Zeke was going to appear in Infamous: Second Son at the PAX 2013, Nate Fox, the director of the Infamous series, denied it. He however appears as a cameo in Cole's Legacy and as a voice over in the main game.
  • Zeke uses a broad slang language when he talks, which has, on at least one occasion, confused Cole.
  • There was a debate between the story developers whether or not to have Zeke kill Trish. Basically, Kessler would tell Zeke to kill Trish to get superpowers. They scrapped the idea because, "While Zeke may be a selfish idiot, he's not a murderer."
    • There was also a discussion on whether or not Cole would kill Zeke in retribution for Trish's death, but this was scrapped also.
  • Zeke appears as a downloadable skin in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, along with Cole. They were made available in the PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack.
  • Zeke is currently the only character to appear in every main installment in the series in some form, minus First Light.
  • Zeke is shown to run in a style similar to Murray, a character in another popular Sucker Punch series, Sly Cooper.
  • Despite being branded as a good guy, majority of the evil karmic opportunities were introduced to Cole by Zeke. However, once another evil karma character is introduced(Sasha in the original, Nix in the sequel), Zeke reverts to introducing good karma opportunities.
  • Zeke mentions that only his mother addresses him by his middle name "Jedediah", and also mentions that it was also his grandfather's name.
  • Zeke may be ambidextrous like Cole. In Infamous, he is always seen using his gun in his left hand. In previews for Infamous 2, and in the main game however, he is seen with a gun in his right hand. This may or may not be a simple design error.
  • As stated in Festival of Blood, Zeke has a thing for Goth girls, as he also states it'd be like "kissing a raccoon".
  • An early trailer for Infamous implied Zeke and Cole were college dropouts, which is why they were both bike-couriers.
    • Additional evidence is in the fact that the opening scene of Infamous 2 confirmed that Cole dropped out of college and became a bike messenger just to spite his parents. It's likely Cole and Zeke both made this decision around the same time.
  • In Infamous, he can be seen with a silver skull-shaped ring on his left ring finger.
  • Zeke's eyes were scarcely seen in Infamous, only appearing on several cutscenes. This, however, changed in Infamous 2, as his eyes were now visible through his glasses.
  • In Infamous, if you use Precision on his face, you will see he is wearing a band-aid on the left side of his cheek with a handicap symbol on it.
  • In one cutscene in Infamous 2, it is revealed that Zeke is a heavy sleeper, due to not waking while Cole activated a Blast Core.
  • During the second mission in Infamous, Zeke comments that he would like to enjoy eating a slice of pizza again. However, he has multiple pizza boxes on his roofs in both Infamous and Infamous 2
  • Festival of Blood marks the first time that Zeke is fully rendered without his glasses, seen in the very first cutscene where he meets a woman in a bar.
  • Zeke is a downloaded avatar on the PlayStation Store.
  • If the player beats Infamous, and decides to stay at Ground Zero, it is possible for a glitch to occur where Zeke will appear and just stand there, or if the player happens to be fighting enemies, Zeke will help you, regardless of your Karmic state, or which ending you chose. Another glitch can occur at the very beginning when he and Cole are running to get his new gun. A car will hit him, causing him to fly forwards about 20 feet. Once you get to him, he is hurt on the ground. Since the player doesn't have the healing power, you must kill him in order to progress.
  • Zeke appears as a minion for Cole MacGrath in PlayStation All-stars Battle Royale.
  • In Infamous, Zeke uses a regular pistol, while in Infamous 2 he uses a magnum revolver.
  • Zeke is the only main character to still be alive by the ending of Infamous 2. He is also the only character in the series to have a speaking role in all three main series games.
  • In Second Son:Cole's Legacy, Zeke refers to himself as an "old hound", despite being at best, thirty two.
  • It's odd to note that Zeke's voice over in Second Son seems to have reverted to what it was in the original Infamous game, rather than the more clear, higher pitched variation that was used in Infamous 2, and Festival of Blood. It could be explained that the years had altered his voice, or that the phone he was using simply made him sound different.
  • Despite only having a voice-over in the main game, Zeke was mentioned along with the main cast of Infamous: Second Son in the end credits.